Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Sports Day (Week of May 16)

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(Last weeks letter)

This week was jam packed busy! That is just how I like it too! We had sooooooooo much fun this week serving the Lord! I can’t even count the blessings and miracles we have seen this week! We are continuing to be blessed!

I don’t have much time but a little investigator update, jimmy is getting ready to be baptized in 2 weeks and has has grown a ton, and our awesome chinese couple is progressing really well for June 18 as well! I am so excited to be here at this time! We also got to work with the other Elders investigator a lot this week as he is working on some Word of Wisdom things and coming close to being baptized, we got the chance to work close with the Stake President and Mission President and had a great council meeting this week about member work and investigators. Both Presidents are really happy and excited cause the work is rolling forth!

On Saturday we had a Stake Sports day! Our chinese couple came and it was fantastic! We had a ton of fun! We buillt a ton of great relationships with members and our investigators had tons of fun playing sports I met some less actives from Jangwii and had the opportunity of talking closely with the less actives families with the Stake President and Stake Clerk who are in Jangwii ward! It was really cool! I got fried even though I used sun screen but it was such a good use of time! Our chinese guy loves Basketball too so it was good! I had a ton of fun and we are so close to our members right now, and Gireum Ward Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha

This week one of the biggest miracles I saw was working with members! We have been really focused on that lately and this week we planned out 12 pretty thoroughly but 5 fell through and so we had 7 Member present lessons which is my mission record so I was pretty happy still and the work just really is speeding up and rolling forth! I can see the hand of God sweeping through the Nations! I know that this gospel is true and this is the work of the Lord! have a great week!!!

Elder Houston


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