Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission


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May 23,2016

This week was so great and packed full! Haha I am pretty tired but so happy! I love the summer, it is really hot and there is no relief because our house is not much cooler that outside but It is so fun, I really like the summer! This week was again full of miracles for us!

I will start off with a little investigator update! Our awesome chinese couple is doing really great! They are progressing really well. We taught them the word of wisdom and at first it was hard but after talking with the brother more we got closer and he opened up to me and they think they can keep it! They are still progressing towards baptism on june 18th, we also met a lot with Jimmy and he is planning on getting baptized this Sunday! Pray for him! We are so excited for him to be baptized! He has come a long ways! Good things are happening in Korea! Especially in Gireum! This last week we had 2 baptisms in Gireum and will have another this week! Wahoo!!!!!! Yay yay yay! The hand of the lord truly is rolling forth through the nations preparing the way for the savior to come to the earth again! Keep Praying for missionary work because I can testify that the Lord is hearing those prayers!

So transfers! My companions are both leaving! Elder Hong will go train and then Elder Ahn will return home! I will get 2 new companions and be in a threesome again! Elder Seely will be zone leader with me and Elder Sanders will be our junior companion! Elder Reid my buddy from highschool is coming to replace Elder Cable and we will live together! Haha it is crazy! Elder Seely is a good kid and he was just companions with Elder Lewis who I trained! I am excited!

I know this gospel is true! This work truly is the work of God and he is leading and guiding it! It will roll forth and we are part of it! This is the Old Ship Zion and man is it good for us to be on board and to help our brothers and sisters come on board to sail to safety with us! I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ! I know this gospel is true!

Elder Houston


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