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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

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Brother Cho and Sister Ha got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this was a wonderful wonderful week! It was so good to hear from everyone! My sister is successfully moved up to Logan and safe! My other sister is starting drivers ed….. (watch out everybody) and sounds like my little brothers are fish cause it is summer in St. George! I was really happy to hear from everybody today! This week was super solid and just a blast! We met with several investigators and had so much fun!

We picked up a few new investigators this week including what man that is 72! He has lived in America before and is pretty good at English! He is a super nice guy and he took us and showed us around our area! He showed us a beautiful amazing Buddhists temple and there were several monks there! It was a super cool experience! After he took us to a big look off point where we could look around Seoul! It was super incredible! We also met with Leo and his family! We met with his dad and taught about Eternal families and it was super good! Leo asked me if it was really true? He said he had really been curious about that and really wanted to know! He was so happy when I assured him it was true! They are doing better and better! We also had a few dinner appointments with members this week! It was a lot of fun!  Sister Jun took us to a delicious shabba shabba place and it was really nice! She has helped us a lot recently with investigators! She is super awesome!  

 Other than that we just had the most incredible baptism ever! We met with Brother Cho and Sister Ha on Friday and finished up on some of the commandments.  On Saturday they were interviewed and passed by Elder Reid. Then on Sunday that came to church and we had their baptism right after church! We had really solid member participation and it turned out wonderful! Both of them had not only the goal to be baptized but to have a temple marriage! They were soooo happy when they got baptized! It was amazing because it was like baptizing two of my best friends! I am so close to them.  I absolutely love them and have prayed and stressed over them a lot! But from the time I met them on the street a few months ago to now it is amazing the change that has occurred and the conversion that has taken place! They did not know about God or Christ when we started! Now that have amazing faith in them! The best part of the whole thing is at the end of the Baptismal service, I had invited them to bear their testimony and they agreed. They stood and as they bore their beautiful testimonies everyone was overwhelmed by the spirit. Brother Cho went first.  He speaks no English but they are really good at Korean. He said there are 3 reasons he was baptized. 1. He believes God, and he believes in Jesus Christ. 2. He said that he was not a good student, or son, or boyfriend before this, but he wants to become a good person and has become better as he has met and learned and he wants to continue to do that and the last…. this one really got me.. 3. Both of his Grandfathers have died, and he misses them a lot. He said that he wants to go to the temple and get baptized for his grandfathers who are waiting for him to do so. It was so powerful! His understanding of the gospel is incredible! Sister Ha then stood, up to this point she had not shown much emotion, but when she started to speak, she stopped, for just a moment to hold back her tears, then she started crying, and said simply, “I believe Jesus”. She bore her beautiful testimony and then just thanked everyone for all they had done! She cried through the whole song and after when we sang nearer my God to thee she cried more and there was not a dry eye in the sacrament hall! Every member in participation was grateful to be part of it! A sweet spirit was there. It was one of the most powerful moments of my life! I am grateful for them and love them! I know this gospel is true with all my heart! I know that God lives, Jesus is his son and our Savior! I know he leads and guides this work, and the spirit is what converts people! Not me. I love you all! Have a great week! 


Elder Houston



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The Witness Comes, After the Trial of your Faith

This week has been incredible… it truly has! I am sorry to hear that the warriors lost but sounds like it was a crazy finals! Hahahahha. But it was good to hear from all of you family and friends! I love hearing about what you are doing! 

This week, has been a testimony builder and life changer. The last few weeks have been quite difficult, my investigators couldn’t meet and it was heart breaking and frustrating to almost lose them! I wanted to relate a few experiences from this last week.

First, is a testimony of the power of fasting… 

Brother Cho and Sister Hah! Our Chinese investigators! Age:28, and 24! They are incredible and so prepared. 2 weeks ago we taught the law of chastity, they accepted but were a new it would be hard, they were also prepared to be baptized on the 18th, but after that lesson we had not met for two weeks and had very little contact! I thought they were frustrated or embarrassed and didn’t want to meet. I was so worried. I decided to fast for them this last Wednesday, So I did, I felt so much spirit that day, and that night we were supposed to meet at English but they didn’t show up, I was pretty devastated… The next day Elder Yamashita from the 70 came! He is the first councilor in our area presidency. He talked with us at our mission conference and it was incredible, I felt his love and energy and he talked on “be believing” and “be obedient” And so many other amazing things, after he touched on “be believing” I reflected on those wonderful Chinese friends of mine, I said a short prayer in my hear, “Heavenly Father, I have done all I know to do for them, please help them, and help me to be able to meet with them again.” Moments after that prayer our phone vibrated in my pocket, it was a text from Sister Hah, the text explained how busy they had been with tests and how she was also preparing an interview for graduate school, but she needed my help with it! So she asked if we had time the very next day to meet. I was amazed and filled with the love of God. I was so humbled by the mighty power and miracles of God. I first prayed to thank him for this opportunity and then responded that we could meet! 

the next is a day of miracles, my testimony of the witness coming after the trial…

The next day we met with both Sister Hah and her boyfriend brother Cho! I helped preparing for the interview and while doing so the commandments came up, I asked how they were going. And they responded that they were keeping all of the commandments and wanted so much to be baptized, they said they were soooo busy this week that they couldn’t get baptized but next week they want too! We set their new date for the 26th, They are preparing and are super amazing! Afterwards we went to Brother Kang’s house to try to meet a family who we unsuccessful tried met the day before. They actually felt really bad about that and invited us to their house for the first time and we ate with them.. and had a lesson on families! We also had not been able to meet with them for a very long time! It was an amazing miracle but we were late coming home. And we needed a taxi bad! But that spot wasn’t super popular for taxis…. but after a day filled with miracles and being so full of the spirit. I know God would send us one immediately if we prayed. I said, “Elder Sanders I will pray for a taxi.” So I did. On the side of the street. And the second I closed and looked up, a taxi was 20 feet in front of us and was open and ready. Immediate answer to our faithful prayer.  God cares about all of his children. I know that he lives and loves us, each person! I know that he is a God of miracles and works miracles in our days! I know he is a God of mercy and if we never give up… He will always be there to help us up and keep going! I know this is the Work of the Lord! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston