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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

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Zone Activities and Member work

Well this week was really busy and super stinking fun! I hope you all had a great 24th of July! I am jealous that you got to go up Beaver Mountain and camp and fish! It was good to hear from all of you and get pictures from all of you! 

This week we were busy but had a great time! First off we got to meet with the Jang family several times! The first time we met we did a concert! Haha the last few months the Jang family has been working with the Kang family who are members to make a little music concert thing happen! We were invited to participate because they are our investigators as well! So we did a little music service concert at an old folks home on Tuesday! I had to sing Hallelujah with my comps and sister bell and sister Kim. Hahah it was fun! We spent a lot of time with them and then after we went and the fed us at a restaurant! The next day we were invited to go to the countryside with them and the member family for a picnic! We went and had a ton of fun with there family! Ate a picnic and had a solid message and really invited them strongly and Boldly to set a steady time and set a solid time to listen to all the lessons before I leave! It was super solid! That day we were also on exchange so Elder Hong my last comp was with us! It was a blast! The Jang family is doing great!

Later in the week we had few cool things, Mom I bet you remember Elder Smith from my first area. Now Tavish Smith! Haha well he is back working for a few weeks in Korea! So he came and took us to lunch! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good to see him! I was super happy and we had a good time at lunch together! I was super happy to see him! Right after that we took off to an appointment and had a member present lesson! Then on Sunday we had a great day! Church was awesome and fun, then that night at 5 we had a Zone activity that Elder Seely and I planned for all of the stake! We have worked on it for a few weeks and invited members! there is a lot of missionaries so it took a lot of planning and organization but it went good! We did a proselyting festival. Went to a famous cross walk and then had 4 stations, cookie decorating, face, painting, book mark making, and a street board about family! It was super awesome! we had a ton of fun and it was really successful! we had several members come out and support and after a awesome member of our ward, pretty much my Korean mom invited us over to have dinner! So all the Gireum missionaries went and had delicious duck meet, and… I got to meet her less active son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to meet him for so long! I talked to him a lot and we got a long nicely! It was a super great day and week!

I know that the book of Mormon is true, it plainly testifies the Jesus is the Christ, that he came and atoned for all of us so that we in our fallen state can return to him if we abide by his Gospel! It is clear evidence of God and of Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! I know that book is true, I love it, I know that God has reached out in our days and that he cares about his children! I know through Christ we can return! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston

Elder Houston ( Zone Leader)Making CookiesZone Activity in GireumZone Activity



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Playing Catch-Up on Elder Houston’s Emails!

Sorry I’m a bit behind on Elder Houston’s emails!  He is coming home August 18!  He will be speaking in our ward on August 21st at 8:30 am.  We are so excited we can hardly stand it! – Natalie (Taylor’s Mom)

July 3, 2016 – Last Transfer 시작….

Dear Family and Friends

This week has been wonderful! It was super great to hear from all of you! My family is at the ranch which is awesome! I miss the Ranch a ton! The Ranch is so beautiful and still remains to this day my favorite place on the planet! My Brothers and Sisters have grown so much I can’t believe it! Thank you for all the warm emails! Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin and grandma Houston I love you and miss you and I am working hard and will work hard for my last transfer! Thanks for your love and support everybody!

This week was super solid! We had some awesome miracles starting on Tuesday! Tuesday we had temple day and it was great! After the temple we played Basketball for P-Day with Brother Cho who just got baptized! He is good and it was really fun! That night him and Sister Ha came to a music proselyting activity and helped us! it was super fun and another member came too and then after the member took us all to eat, a new investigator came and our two recent converts brought a referral cause they want to do missionary work super bad! Ha so we taught two member present lessons right there at dinner!!! Yeah buddy! I was really happy! Haha We went on exchange this week which was fun! Elder Du Plessis from South Africa came with me and Elder Sanders! it was super great! We also got to meet with the Jang family! They are doing great! we met with them all and taught about faith and committed them to pray as a family! We meet with them weekly now and it is just incredible to teach a family! On Friday we had a insane rainstorm to the point where it was hard to even walk! But we had things to do so we kept going as much as we could! It was wet and fun! Haha Then of coarse Brother Cho and Sister Ha got confrimed! they are amazing and doing amazing! 

That was a little of my week! Other news is we got transfer calls! I will stay zone leader in Gireum but….. Elder Seely and I will be training a korean in a threesome and our zone got combined so we are the zone leaders over the entire stake now! We have very big zone again! It is excited and going to be very busy! But that is just how I like it! I am going to work so hard while I still have time! I know that this work is the work of the Lord! I know that we are nothing, truly lower than the dust of the earth and we must always remember that during times of success and prosperity to keep ourselves humble. I know that if we remember truly who leads the work then we can continuously receive blessings from him! I know that God lives, I believe in him and his son Jesus Christ and all people can know them through Living their commandments and praying! I know this gospel is true!!


Elder Houston

 July 10, 2016 – Transfer Switch

Dear family and friends,

It is so good to hear form you all! Thank you so much for the emails! This week has been another solid week of miracles!

 Okay so last week I was supposed to train right? Hahah well because of some emergency things it was switched around last second! Elder Anderson came to be with Elder Seely and I and we are greeny breaking him! He is awesome! We both love him a lot and he is a great kid! He loves ball and we got to play together today so that was fun! 

 This week was really good, we met with Brother Cho and Sister Hah for my last time on monday and tuesday because they got to China until Aug. 25 and that was really hard, they got me a super cool present! A mini horse statue from China! I sure do love them! When we met we had some fantastic lessons with them again and they were on a spiritual high as the left for China! We were able to meet with a few more investigators this week and they were all fantastic! We did a music proselyting activity and we also had Stake Presidency Meeting and his house! He fed us some delicious food and we talked with him and the mission President and all the High Priest about the work! It was great!

 There is not to much to report this week but I did learn and was reminded that God loves each of us, because of that he truly did restore the fullness of his gospel as to give us an absolute in out life. One man this week was so caught up on the fact that there was no absolute religion, This church is that absolute! It is absolutely complete, it is Christ’s church. Sometimes the work is a little bit hard, but I was reminded this week that, the work of salvation can’t be easy, it never has been. Jesus Christ suffered for all of our salvation and it was never easy for him, so if I am engaged and that very same redemptive work how could it ever be easy for me. I am grateful for that hard times and the rejections. Because those are the times when I truly am a little closer to the savior. I feel even the tiniest portion of what he felt. I understand him, his divine role more as trials happen! I am so happy to be part of this redemptive work and would not trade it for anything! I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston

July 17, 2016 – Zone Training, and Fireside

Hey family! It was great to here from you! This week was pretty fun and really quite busy for us! We had zone training this week! So we had Mission Leadership Council and we also got to prepare for and do a fireside! It was a solid week of fun! 

First things first, we had MLC! We went to the mission office and got trainings from President and Sister Sonksen and from the AP’s! It was solid, we focused a lot on Positivity and teaching repentance and measuring success!! It was super uplifting and I was very happy during the whole meeting! After we went back and started to prepare, it was a little difficult because our zone is huge so we have 3 Sister training leaders so we had to plan with all five of us, but it came along nicely and the next day the training went super well! One elder was having a bit of and attitude problem during the meeting but we worked around it pretty easy and we had a super spiritual training and the missionaries were uplifted! I was uplifted! Then, we didn’t have to many lessons the next few days, we went on exchange and taught a man named JJ Kang and then did a less active night! 

 The other fun part of the week was actually a fireside, which me and my companion and I high councilman helped plan! It was a stake fireside on member missionary work, it turned out good and we had a solid turn out, I actually gave a talk and shared an email I sent to all of you a few weeks ago! It was very fun! When I shared my email I was pretty nervous but I felt the spirit a lot! It was a good experience! The stake president stood up and said he wishes his son would send him that long of an email! haha his son is a good friend of mine and is serving in Australia and doing really great! It was a great night and a great week!

I know that God loves each of us, I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, I know that we can receive comfort through him as we rely on his atonement! I know the Book of Mormon testifies of him and is true, It is the word of God, we can learn lessons from the Book of Mormon as we study and ponder the teaches in it! I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston

Elder Houston ordered 2 custom made suits as a take-home souvenir.  He loves them!

New Suits 2New Suits 3New Suits 4New Suits 5

New Suits 6

the guy made a mistake and gave me pink inside… oops hahaha but it is still sick!

New Suits 7New Suits 8New Suits