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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Zone Activities and Member work

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Well this week was really busy and super stinking fun! I hope you all had a great 24th of July! I am jealous that you got to go up Beaver Mountain and camp and fish! It was good to hear from all of you and get pictures from all of you! 

This week we were busy but had a great time! First off we got to meet with the Jang family several times! The first time we met we did a concert! Haha the last few months the Jang family has been working with the Kang family who are members to make a little music concert thing happen! We were invited to participate because they are our investigators as well! So we did a little music service concert at an old folks home on Tuesday! I had to sing Hallelujah with my comps and sister bell and sister Kim. Hahah it was fun! We spent a lot of time with them and then after we went and the fed us at a restaurant! The next day we were invited to go to the countryside with them and the member family for a picnic! We went and had a ton of fun with there family! Ate a picnic and had a solid message and really invited them strongly and Boldly to set a steady time and set a solid time to listen to all the lessons before I leave! It was super solid! That day we were also on exchange so Elder Hong my last comp was with us! It was a blast! The Jang family is doing great!

Later in the week we had few cool things, Mom I bet you remember Elder Smith from my first area. Now Tavish Smith! Haha well he is back working for a few weeks in Korea! So he came and took us to lunch! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good to see him! I was super happy and we had a good time at lunch together! I was super happy to see him! Right after that we took off to an appointment and had a member present lesson! Then on Sunday we had a great day! Church was awesome and fun, then that night at 5 we had a Zone activity that Elder Seely and I planned for all of the stake! We have worked on it for a few weeks and invited members! there is a lot of missionaries so it took a lot of planning and organization but it went good! We did a proselyting festival. Went to a famous cross walk and then had 4 stations, cookie decorating, face, painting, book mark making, and a street board about family! It was super awesome! we had a ton of fun and it was really successful! we had several members come out and support and after a awesome member of our ward, pretty much my Korean mom invited us over to have dinner! So all the Gireum missionaries went and had delicious duck meet, and… I got to meet her less active son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to meet him for so long! I talked to him a lot and we got a long nicely! It was a super great day and week!

I know that the book of Mormon is true, it plainly testifies the Jesus is the Christ, that he came and atoned for all of us so that we in our fallen state can return to him if we abide by his Gospel! It is clear evidence of God and of Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! I know that book is true, I love it, I know that God has reached out in our days and that he cares about his children! I know through Christ we can return! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston

Elder Houston ( Zone Leader)Making CookiesZone Activity in GireumZone Activity



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