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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Our Missionary is Coming Home!

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Elder Houston will be returning home from a wonderful mission in Seoul, Korea on Thursday, August 21stHe will be speaking in our home ward on Sunday, August 21st at 8:30 am  (2436 East Crimson Ridge Drive). 

Sunday 8/14/2016

Well this last week was my last week! It was super busy!  A great way to go out, super busy! Hahah so this summer is the Hottest summer in Korea in 20 years! it has been pretty nuts! This week was a hot one but a blessed week as well!

This week we had only a few big highlights, We had MLC Which was awesome, We learned a lot about talking with everyone and being effective in teaching and Baptizing! I learned a ton to apply in my last week of missionary work! We then prepared and gave zone training to the 35 missionaries in our zone! It went really good, we used a lot of video and computer equipment so I was doing a lot of video computer tech stuff before and during! haha it was a fun and a good experience! No IPads but who needs them! haha I hooked a computer monitor up to a giant tv and plugged the sound into the church sound system! Hahhahaahah it was complicated! And I couldn’t have done it if Elder Hong wasn’t there to help me! Hahah But the training went really good! I am so grateful to have had so many opportunities to testify to other missionaries! I love the Dong Zone and I love Korea! This week the sisters also had to move houses so we had to go help move them! Elder Anderson and I were left to finish talking all their stuff down for flights of stairs……. I thought I was going to die! I actually have never ever sweated more in my life then at that time! Haha we got feeling not so good so after we were done we sat down and drank some water and chatted. It was good to have a chat with Elder Anderson! I love him, he has been a good friend as we have served together! Then the Elders came back and we hadn’t had time for lunch yet so at about 430 pm a member found out and but us some cold noodle soup! I usually am not a huge fan but I at that pretty fast! Haha it was a fun day! The rest the week was just a lot of Byes… hard Byes and sad Byes!  But most of them are done! 

This week was Great and emotional! To end the week I gave a short talk in the ward that I have been serving in for the last 7 months! I talked on conversion, 3 types, the Investigator’s, the missionary’s and the Member’s conversion, I thanked the ward and encouraged them to keep doing missionary work! After they had a huge Lunch for sister bell and I cause we are going home and both have served in Gireum for almost 7 months! It was a lot of fun and hard to say bye to so many members! I got to testify a lot this week though! I do know that God lives, Jesus Christ is his son and our Savior, this is his church and it was restored through Joseph Smith! I love my savior and his doctrine is in my heart! I know this gospel is true !


Elder Houston

Sunday 8/7/2016  Jimmy Got Baptized

Hello family and friends! Sounds like you are all doing great! I can’t believe all my friends are like home and coming home… It is so nuts! hahahaha Elder Reid and I are pretty mind blown! hahah. This week was awesome and ended with a super solid baptism! 

We had temple day this week so I got to go to the temple so that was awesome! I love the temple! We can feel so much peace inside the temple! I went on exchange with Elder Mortensen and it was a lot of fun! We got to teach a few lessons together and had a good time doing so! We met with Jimmy several times and prepared him, he was interviewed and passed and his faith has grown a lot! He was baptized after church on Sunday! At his baptism I had to sing a duet with Sister Bell who is an incredible singer….. I literally could not stop shaking I was so nervous and so I was still shaking a little when I baptized him! Hahah A sister in our ward sprung the duet on me really fast last second cause she knows I am terrified to sing in front of people and so there was no time to argue… probably the scariest thing I have done on my whole  mission! Haha but we had lot’s of member participation at the baptism and Jimmy is doing great! After he was baptized I asked how he felt, he said, “I feel so tightly full, I was surprised.” (Sorry what he said is really hard to translate to english) But it was a good thing! He felt really good and it was awesome! After I talked to so many members about how I am leaving and how crazy it is! I love Gireum ward! 

Anyways I am out of time! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I know that God lives, Jesus Christ came and atoned for each of us and through his name we can do all things! I know that through the masters name we can see miracles! I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston


Sunday 7/31/2016  Referrals and President Brown

Hello family and friends! It is so good to hear from you all! It sounds like St. George is pretty hot! My little Brothers seem like they are so grown up! man… it is crazy! This week has been super solid and really fun! I am having some amazing experiences here in Korea! I really love Korea! I love the people here! I love being a missionary! 

This week has been great for a few reasons! We were pretty busy which is always great! We went on exchange this week with some Elders and it was good, I went with a little quieter Elder but as we talked I think he came out of his shell a little so that was good! But also this week we were in a little bit of a finding phase but because we have been close to the members and worked a lot with them here they really came through and helped us out! We got 3 member referrals this week! What a huge miracle! That is the highest on my mission by far! I was thrilled! It was really good to be able to work with members and do missionary work! There is so much I still need to learn and so much I could do better so I am grateful for the love of the members in trusting us with their friends! We also got to finally meet with Jimmy again this week! So we decided we would just do what missionary’s do. That is teach Repentance! We prepared and we taught him Repentance and we committed him to repent! It actually went really well! We gave him a new Baptismal date and he is preparing! We got several members on board to ask him about it and encourage him and it seems like he will really go through with it! He seems prepared and so we will see after his interview! We are excited cause he is supposed to get baptized this weekend! 

This week we also had a conference with President Brown! He was President Sonksen’s(my mission president’s) Mission President and was the 3rd missionary in Korea! He is super awesome and it was great to hear from him! He gave a conference for just he missionaries and he also gave one for the Korean Saints! He is a powerful man and we were all filled with the spirit! We took our investigator Jimmy to the fireside and he seemed to enjoy it! also This last week I did a baptismal interview for a 23 year old kid, he was a super cool kid and after a good solid talk and discussion about the baptismal covenant I found him worthy to be baptized! He has a powerful testimony! We became really good friends very quickly! I attended his Baptize Saturday night in Uijungbu and it was amazing! He got the Holy Ghost and ended up going to president Browns fireside as well! He is doing great and we had a good turn out from our Stake! I felt the spirit a lot this week.

I have felt God’s love and the spirit a lot this week, I have felt the power of God truly sweeping through the nations! Through Christ’s name we have power to do all righteous things according to his will! I know that God lives, Jesus is the Christ, the Holy Ghost can abide with us if we so choose and I know the Book of Mormon is true! I love this gospel and know that it is true !


Elder Houston


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